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Freddo Ice Cream stores in Brazil

Country: Brazil/Argetina

Client: Freddo

Project: Freddo Argentina invited me to create some illustrations for the firsts stores in Brazil

Bic Soleil Selfies

Country: Brazil

Client: Bic / Umbrella Hotshop

Project: Illustrations for Bic Soleil Selfies App

TAG LAB Characters

Country: Brazil

Client: Tag Lad

Project: Characters for party supplies

EL Cabriton card deck

Country: Brazil

Client: El Cabriton

Project: Illustration for 2 of Clubs card on this deck

MTV opening spot

Country: Brazil

Client: MTV

Project: Illustration for MTV opening spot (Brazilian Graphic Designers)

Bed Head TIGI Summer

Country: Brazil

Client: Bed Head TIGI & Tastemakers

Project: Illustration created for an exclusive printed beach towel Bed Head kit developed for Brazilian influencers

Dein Design Gadget

Country: Germany

Client: Dein Design

Project: Illustration for my foil decal skin line

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